Flores Remo Tour is a local travel agency, based in Labuan Bajo and specialises in organising trips to Flores and the surrounding islands (Komodo & Rinca) known as the lesser Sunda.

The members of our team, all natives from Flores, have lots of experience traveling on their land. Many years of experience as guides, drivers and also passionate travelers, allows us to weave strong links between each participant of our trips.

Ours experts guides are familiar with the volcanoes adventures and the most remote villages.

You'll be introduced to the best among the people of Sikka, Lio, Ngada and Manggarai in the diversity of their lifestyles, languages and traditional villages.

Less frequently visited by tourists, Flores still holds many secrets and is described as the lost paradise.

In the middle of nowhere you find hot springs, traditional villages that are only accessible by foot, deserted black and white sandy beaches, waterfalls, tropical forests, and also some active volcanoes such as Eggon, Iya, Ebulobo that have beautiful craters, Kelimutu and Wawomuda with their colourfull lakes..


Komodo Natural Park, known to the world for it's giant lizards and landscapes dotted with deserted islands offers a variety of relaxing activities. A traditional boat will takes you to discover the island of Rinca and Komodo to observe the giant lizards and will allow you to do snorkelling into a world where the marine flora and Fauna has been protected.

The lucky ones will have the opportunity to see manta rays. Relax under the burning sun, watching the spectacular show of thousands of bats at dusk, and walking on the white sandy beach ...

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Flores Remo Tour offers specilised itineraries with the priority to respect the culture, nature and inhabitants of this unique place. From trekking, hiking, relaxing, exploring the culture and nature and the volcano adventure......

The choice is according to your desires. All these itineraries can lead you to stay with the local people in their traditional homes ,comfortable hotels or on the deck of a boat. 

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The conclusion is… if you're travelling to grow up, or discovering nature's diversity, touch an unfamiliar cultures, share the lifestyle with local people, know the story you are travelling through ... you're in the right place ...